Friday, October 21, 2005

Kidnapped Irish journalist freed

Wow freed in 36 hrs. Lesse as far as capturing and releasing terrorist apologist's goes if George Galloway was to be kidnapped he would be freed in 36....minutes!

A REPORTER for the Guardian newspaper who was kidnapped while covering the trial of Saddam Hussein was freed unharmed last night, 36 hours after he was snatched in Baghdad.

Rory Carroll, 33, told his parents, Jo and Kate, of his freedom in a telephone call to their home in Dublin.

Later, speaking from the office of Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi deputy prime minister, the Irish journalist told the Guardian: "I'm absolutely fine, both physically and psychologically. I've been well treated, apart from a bit of initial roughness when they first took me." News - UK - Kidnapped Irish journalist freed: "Kidnapped Irish journalist freed "