Saturday, August 13, 2005

UK bars Islamic cleric Bakri ( at last, good on ya UK)

Britain barred hardline Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed on Friday from returning to the country, part of a government crackdown on Islamic preachers it fears inspire bombers such as those who attacked London in July.

Syrian-born Bakri, 45, left Britain for Lebanon on Saturday, saying he was going on holiday, after British Prime Minister Tony Blair pledged to silence Islamists who glorify violence.

Lebanese security forces detained him on Thursday for questioning and he is still being held.

"We don't feel he's conducive to the public good," said a Home Office spokeswoman. His family were free to remain in the United Kingdom, she added.

The ban was issued after Britain detained 10 people on Thursday, including the alleged spiritual leader of al Qaeda in Europe, Jordanian national Abu Qatada, and pledged to deport them.
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