Friday, June 17, 2005

Man Boy Love Association Celebrates Jackson Acquittal

Man Boy Love Association Celebrates Jackson Acquittal: "Man Boy Love Association Celebrates Jackson Acquittal"

SAN FRANCISCO — Members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association – NAMBLA - rejoiced as pop singer Michael Jackson was found not guilty of all charges of sexual molestation of boys and of providing minors with alcohol.

NAMBLA considers Michael Jackson's acquittal to be a vindication for the Association.

"Michael’s innocence is something that is held very dear to this group,” said a representative. “We can all relate to wanting to love a child. Many of us have small children that we love and many of us take small children to bed with us every night. Loving a child is not a crime and Michael has proven that to everyone."

Some Association members feel this is breaking new ground for them and hope to see laws amended such as mandatory curfews for minors and the legal age of consent lowered to nine years of age.

Tj Irwin

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