Monday, June 13, 2005

Jihad in Small Town America: Part I of a Series

Northeast Intelligence Network: "Jihad in Small Town America: Part I of a Series"

"Jimmy Carter and his people were going to reach the next generation of young men by giving them scholarships to come and study in America. They were going to teach them how great the US was. They recruited from universities in Egypt, Syria, Saudia, the Emirates – all the Arab countries."


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According to Dr. Mohamed, the US inadvertently bankrolled a generation of sleeper agents, educating them, and helping them to become established, respected members of their communities.

Talk about hiding in plain site. But while the US worries about the welfare of the POW's in Gitmo, they grow stronger in their US cells purely by the fact they are US CITIZENS.

We/you are screwed...unless.