Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tribute to Theo Van Gogh

Theo R.I.P

There's a reason why Islam is hated all over the world. Ever talk to a Hindu, an Eastern European Christian, a Middle Eastern Christian, a Thai Buddhist, or any other non-Muslim who has lived in an Islamic country? Most of them hate Islam quite passionately. And they are pissed off that our leaders have allowed Muslims to come to the West, to the countries where they fled as refugees to get AWAY from Islam

The infiltration of Islam in the West is taking away our long-cherished freedoms -- first slowly, but now more rapidly as Muslim numbers have increased. Americans and other Westerners have fought, bled and died for centuries for the right of free speech, and now we are losing it because of an alien religious tradition that had NOTHING to do with the formation of our societies. Do Muslims think that taking away our rights will somehow endear them to us and their "religion"?

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