Monday, December 13, 2004

Stratfor Situation Reports no proof of deliberate poisoning

Stratfor Situation Reports
Sources in the Ukrainian intelligence and security community said Dec. 12 it was unlikely that opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned by his political opponents. The sources say that if Yushchenko's opponents had decided to poison him, they could have used much deadlier and non-recognizable poisons, which are easily available for secret services in several countries in the world. The sources say that Yushchenko's political opponents easily could have tasked specialized professionals to execute the poisoning in such a way that it would have left no proof of deliberate poisoning.

Tepttu Vartiainen, the leading scientist from a Finland's main health research institution in Kuopio, told Finnish news agency CTT that dioxin was a bad choice if someone had tried to assassinate Viktor Yushchenko, the pro-Western opposition leader and presidential candidate. The scientist said that dioxin poisoning is easily recognized, and its traces in the body could be found for several years after a person's death. Russian news agency RIAN, referring to the above interview, said Dec. 12 that the who treated Yushchenko in a Vienna clinic, Nikolai Korpan, says that dioxin could not have been the only reason for the health conditions with which Yushchenko was admitted to his Rudolfinerhouse clinic Sept. 10 this year. His symptoms included severe inflammation of the stomach, colon, pancreas and liver enlargement, as well as paralysis of facial nerves.