Tuesday, December 07, 2004

:: Sophia Stewart : The Mother of the Matrix ::...

:: Sophia Stewart : The Mother of the Matrix ::...: "THE SEARCH FOR THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF THE MATRIX
After buildin' with Sophia Wednesday evening [November 17th], she informed me the case is building momentum! She told me she is close to victory and realized she could really put a 'nail in the coffin' if she had her handz on one key piece of evidence... the original version of The Matrix that aired March 31, 1999."
If you've heard the 3-part inner-view I did with her January of 2004, you will remember her sayin' Warner Bros., Joel Silver and the Wachowski's are also guilty of deceiving the public with their various versionz of The Matrix.

When Sophia saw the movie back in '99, she witnessed blatant theft and plagiarizm from her script, 'The Third Eye' written and copywritten back in 1983. Soon after, she contacted the Pirates informing them she was aware of the theft and a demand for credit and compensation for what soon became the most successfull movie franchise to date. Not too long after, Warner Bros. allegedly began released versionz of The Matrix edited from the 2 hour and 40 minute original.

Sophia's aggressively on the hunt for that original copy. She, as well as I, am positive that version is out there somewhere. Some Matrix fan got a bootleg copy from a street vendor somewhere!

She informed me there are various scenes that are different from the later released version(s) which will enable you to know you have the original release:

* In the beginning of the movie, there's an intro that scrolls up the screen just like in the movie Star Wars that layz out the plot. It speaks of a nuclear war that happened in the year 2110AD, where humanz were now used as fuel for the machines like batteries
* In the part where Neo barters for a stack of programz for programz of his. No money was exchanged like in the edited release(s)
* The girl in the beginning who came over Neo's had a rabbit on her arm. In the edited version(s), she's seen with the rabbit on her back shoulderblade

If you have a version of The Matrix with these 3 scenes, contact Sophia via email or phone (801.220.0588) as soon as possible! She would love to talk to you!

Even if you do not have the critical evidence, you're making your people's aware of her case is vital! YTs 'massa'-media's doin' all they can to suppress this case from the general public, but there's nothin' more effective than the 'word', which is 'vybration'!