Tuesday, December 07, 2004


: "The decision by lefty activist fans of lefty activist bloggers to cheat in order to win in The Wizbang awards has been extensively commented upon both at Wizbang and throughout the blogosphere. That there is no great consequence from their cheating does not mean that the cheating is without significance. In fact, I think it is a great piece of evidence to put forward in the case of why center-right activists fear 'recounts' like those underway in Washington State and those conducted by Gore-Lieberman forces in Florida in 2000. Simply put, people with moral codes do not cheat as often as those without such codes, and moral codes are more apt to be more deeply ingrained within people of religious belief than those with little or no religious belief. Which means --simply as an objective proposition-- that those who do not view cheating as 'wrong' or sinful are more likely to cheat than those who do. Cheating at cards is not altogether different from cheating on your taxes or cheating in an internet contest or cheating in a recount. Cheating is cheating."

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