Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Kofi Annan unveils Fool for Oil program

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Mr Annan said the show would take responsibility for people suffering from sadness in countries dealing with terrorism.

"It will be a series in which I meet with world leaders in my living room and play the part of a slightly deranged host," Mr Annan said. "They will come to show expecting it to be a legitimate meeting where we will discuss the impact of OPEC prices."

Mr Annan said he did not want to give too much away but said one occasion would include meeting former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while he was completely nude.

"Sir Elton John has also been so kind in lending me some of his 70s outfits which I will wear while playing the piano while people attempt to speak to me," Mr Annan said.

The series will be shown on FOX and is expected to screen during the Christmas break.