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Man Commits Suicide Inside Interview Room - Suicide Video Included (Videotaped) | OGRISH.COM

MUSCOY, Calif. -- A man who shot and wounded a San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop in Muscoy on Friday morning killed himself an hour later while alone inside a sheriff's interview room with a pistol he apparently sneaked into the building, officials said.

Calif. Man Shoots Cop Then Kills Self While in Custody

SAN BERNARDINO: The sheriff says he wasn't searched properly. The suicide was videotaped.

By TIM GRENDA AND IMRAN GHORI / The San Bernardino Press-Enterprise

Sheriff Gary Penrod said officers failed to adequately search the man, identified by the San Bernardino County Coroner's office as Ricardo Alfonso Cerna, 47, of San Bernardino.

The deputy shot during the traffic stop, Mike Parham, 31, is in critical but stable condition and is expected to recover, officials said.

In an extraordinary move, a 13-minute surveillance-camera video that included footage of the man's suicide was shown by the Sheriff's Department to reporters, the leaders of local Latino groups and officials from the Mexican consulate to quash any questions regarding the department's treatment of Hispanic subjects.

The video shows Cerna pulling a .45-caliber handgun from his pants and firing one shot into his left temple.

"The best way to dispel any rumors was to have the media view this tape," said Undersheriff Bob Peppler.

The video, which sheriff's officials said was unedited, begins with Cerna being brought into an interview room where Sheriff's Sgt. Bobby Dean uncuffed him and had him sit in a chair in front of a table.

Cerna, looking tired and disheveled, only spoke briefly and in Spanish, replying to questions from Dean.

He leaned down on the table on his right arm for much of the time, occasionally rubbing his head, his nose and eyes with his hand, and coughing a few times. His eyes were downcast, only looking up a couple times when speaking to Dean. He responded with a short, tired laugh when Dean asked him the Spanish word for wallet and he responded " cartera."

At one point, Dean took Cerna out of the interview room for about four minutes to have his fingerprints scanned electronically. The man was brought back shortly because the machine wasn't working at the time, officials said.

Shortly after they returned, someone brought in a bottle of water and a cup of coffee for Dean. Dean stepped out of the room, leaving Cerna alone.

Cernasat down with his back against the wall, took the cap off the water bottle, took two gulps, and put the bottle down. He started breathing heavily, pulled a large handgun from the front of his pants with his left hand and shot himself in the left temple.

The video ended with an expletive from Dean off camera.
Man Commits Suicide Inside Interview Room - Suicide Video Included (Videotaped) | OGRISH.COM: "Man Commits Suicide Inside Interview Room"

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Face of Evil

Monday, December 20, 2004

Brandon Wilhelm from Spokane, Washington, a U.S. Marine from the 3rd battalion, 5th Marines, holds machine gun belt in the war-torn town of Falluja
Brandon Wilhelm from Spokane, Washington, a U.S. Marine from the 3rd battalion, 5th Marines, holds a machine gun belt in the war-torn town of Falluja, 50 kms west of Baghdad December 13, 2004. Seven U.S. Marines were killed in two incidents on Sunday in Anbar province, which includes Falluja and Ramadi.
© SHAMIL ZHUMATOV/Reuters/Corbis
Date Photographed: December 13, 2004 Posted by Hello

Pali animal swarm. Just what is it with these fixated cretins. I feel like knocking their stupid cowering heads together. Posted by Hello

Death Cult

Once again another example of the mindset of these people. Why do they feel compelled to stick there hands in gore and cover themselves with it? Posted by Hello

GAZA CITY, GAZA STRIP - SEPTEMBER 30: (NOTE TO EDITOR : GRAPHIC CONTENT) A Palestinian man is seen with his severely injured brother, after an Israeli tank shell killed at least seven Palestinians in the Jabalya refugee camp, on September 30, 2004 in Gaza City, northern Gaza Strip.Twenty-one Palestinians were killed by army fire and at least 108 wounded during a major Israeli army operation in the Jabaliya camp, sources said. Three Israelis, two soldiers and a woman jogging in a Jewish settlement, were also killed by Palestinians. (Photo by Ahmad Khateib/Getty Images)

Palestinian Child Abuse ( again)

Palestinian Child Abuse Posted by Hello
A medical worker looks over the body of 2-year-old boy Amir Ayyad May 1, 2003 in Gaza City, Gaza. Eight Palestinians were killed and 12 were wounded after Israeli troops backed by helicopter gunships entered Shijaia neighbourhood of Gaza city to detain suspected militants. (Photo by Getty Images)

Why in a war zone do these blood thirsty Pali's let their children run around playing where they are in the way of harm if fighting breaks out. I mean you can hear tanks approaching from miles away, do they get the children to safty?, Nooooo.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

glass and polymer - Slideshow: "SYDNEY, Australia -- Swinburne University of Technology's center for micro-photonics have constructed a model of the Sydney Opera House, see photo above, that is about half the diameter of a human hair. It is more than a million times smaller than the real Sydney structure. The model was built from a hybrid material of glass and polymer by firing intense laser light into the matter in a liquid state to create what to the human eye appears as an almost imperceptible dot, but under an electron microscope it contains the detail and the beauty of the iconic Sydney harbour side structure. (07/23/04 AP-Swinburne University)"

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RIP Sweet Laci

Justice has prevailed.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fallujah test map Posted by Hello

No wonder the Pom's are pissed

Monday, December 13, 2004

0cents Stamp Products: Pajama Patrol

0cents Stamp Products: Pajama Patrol

Dan Rather/CBS's attempt to influence the election through the use of fraudulent documents was exposed on, the internet's premier conservative news forum. Within minutes of Rather's "news" broadcast, members of Free Republic started to dissect the story. Freepers Buckhead & TankerKC led the charge and quickly uncovered the bogus charges that the network was leveling against President Bush.

The spinning and stonewalling began immediately with a former executive Vice President of CBS news, Jonathan Klein, stating on Fox News that "You couldn't have a starker contrast between the multiple layers of checks and balances at 60 minutes and a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing".

Stratfor Situation Reports no proof of deliberate poisoning

Stratfor Situation Reports
Sources in the Ukrainian intelligence and security community said Dec. 12 it was unlikely that opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned by his political opponents. The sources say that if Yushchenko's opponents had decided to poison him, they could have used much deadlier and non-recognizable poisons, which are easily available for secret services in several countries in the world. The sources say that Yushchenko's political opponents easily could have tasked specialized professionals to execute the poisoning in such a way that it would have left no proof of deliberate poisoning.

Tepttu Vartiainen, the leading scientist from a Finland's main health research institution in Kuopio, told Finnish news agency CTT that dioxin was a bad choice if someone had tried to assassinate Viktor Yushchenko, the pro-Western opposition leader and presidential candidate. The scientist said that dioxin poisoning is easily recognized, and its traces in the body could be found for several years after a person's death. Russian news agency RIAN, referring to the above interview, said Dec. 12 that the who treated Yushchenko in a Vienna clinic, Nikolai Korpan, says that dioxin could not have been the only reason for the health conditions with which Yushchenko was admitted to his Rudolfinerhouse clinic Sept. 10 this year. His symptoms included severe inflammation of the stomach, colon, pancreas and liver enlargement, as well as paralysis of facial nerves.

7 US marines killed in Iraq's Anbar Province

7 US marines killed in Iraq's Anbar Province
Seven U.S. Marines were killed in two separate incidents in Iraq's Anbar province, a vast region encompassing the battleground cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, the military said Monday.

It was unknown whether the deaths Sunday were connected to heavy fighting in Fallujah. American warplanes pounded the city with missiles as insurgents fought running battles with coalition forces.

On Sunday, the military reported the death of another U.S. Marine in Anbar.

The seven members of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force died while conducting "security and stabilization operations" in Anbar, the military said in a statement.

The statement gave no other details about the deaths, saying the release of more information could place U.S. personnel at risk. The names of the dead were withheld pending notification of their families.

As of Monday, at least 1,296 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.

Fallujah was the scene of a weeklong U.S.-led offensive last month to uproot insurgents based in the city. U.S. officials had said the insurgents scattered and they now were planning the return of the estimated 250,000 people who fled.

The latest violence began with American and Iraqi forces clashing with guerrillas in several suburbs and ended with U.S. airstrikes on suspected insurgent hideouts.

"The strikes were conducted throughout the day and were called in by troops in (armed) contact with and observing the enemy moving from house to house," spokesman Lt. Lyle Gilbert said.

Fallujah resident Abdullah Ahmed said the fighting started after U.S. soldiers brought 700-800 men into the city to clear rubble from damage caused by November's offensive.

"The clashes started as soon as the young men entered the city," Ahmed said. "The American troops were surprised and decided to launch military operations."

The military hoped it had routed the insurgents after the Fallujah invasion, but the latest attacks suggest they may be trickling back into the city.

Doctors: Yushchenko Poisoned With Dioxin

Doctors: Yushchenko Poisoned With Dioxin

VIENNA, Austria - The mysterious illness of Ukrainian opposition leader and presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko was caused by dioxin poisoning that was likely intentional, doctors said Saturday.

Yushchenko has accused Ukrainian authorities of trying to poison him in the runup to a presidential vote marred by fraud. Ukraine's Supreme Court voided the outcome of that vote, which Yushchenko lost to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, and a rerun of the ballot is slated for Dec. 26.

Yushchenko first fell ill in September and was rushed to the Vienna hospital. He resumed campaigning later in the month but with a pockmarked and badly disfigured face.

He returned to the hospital later in September for further treatment and checked in for a third time Friday. Posted by Hello

Petition the execution of teenagers

Communique (petition)The Islamic Republic of Iran once again demonstrates its contempt for human rights by sentencing three more teenagers to death. Not content with the merciless recent execution of the sixteen year old Atefeh Rajabi , the Iranian authorities plan to execute Ali M, Morteza F and Milad B – all of whom are under the age of eighteen and are currently in detention. Execution of children is prohibited by Article 37 of the International Human Rights (Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989).
We, the undersigned, express our unreserved condemnation of these executions, and call upon human rights organizations to pressure the Iranian government to stop these barbaric acts.
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To sign this petition:

My own personalised weapon ( yeah right). But isn't it gorgeous. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dimebag Darrell killed in Ohio nightclub shooting > News > Nation -- At least four dead, four injured in Ohio nightclub shooting
COLUMBUS, Ohio – A man walked onstage in a crowded nightclub during a rock concert ( Damageplan) Wednesday night and opened fire, killing at least four people and wounding at least two others before he was shot to death by police, authorities said.
The man began shooting during the show at the Alrosa Villa and opened fire on members of the heavy metal band Damageplan just after they had begun playing, a witness said.

This from an eyewitness who was there for the band Damageplan
all i can say is holy crap!! that was such a freakin' nightmare... i don't ever want to be a part of anything like that again... i'm still shaking.... i don't even know what to say...

i was up close to the stage on the side where DBD was playing.... then i saw the guy jump out of the crwod onto the stage... he was yelling something about how "you broke up pantera.... you ruined my life.... what about phil??? he needs heroin money..." or something like that then i saw the gun and he shot DBD right in the head... when DBD went down he kept shooting... then he turned around for bobzilla then vinnie... teh hole time i thought it was part of the show... i had blood on me i was so close... i'm still freakin' out here...

after he turned around and kept shooting i was gone... i swear i almost crapped my pants... it was ####' crazy as ####... people were totally messed up outside... i was standing next to this one chick and she was crying and couldn't stop... she fell on the ground and it was like she was possesed or something... dude it was so kayotic its not even funny... the cops showed up and then people started sayin' that DBD was killed... then people started freaking out even more...

i can't belive this happend... its so crazy... its totally unreal and there's no way to describe how messed up i am right now...

i had tickets to the show in flint michigan too... i don't know whats going to happen... theres some blood on my ticket stub so i'm going to sell it on ebay or keep it or something... i know DBD is in heaven (or ripping some mad riffs in hell)

#### what a wild #### nigth... dude i won't even be able to sleep tonight

Band website

Scott Peterson's mother takes the stand

“He’s an exceptional young man and he’s my son,” she said. “I know he’s not perfect ... but he is genuinely a loving, caring, nurturing, kind, gentle person.”

She must be talking about another son, certainly not the murdering scum on trial for slaughtering his wife and unborn fetus. Fry the the bastard

Defense lawyers are trying to convince jurors that Peterson deserves life in prison, not the death penalty.
The 32-year-old former fertilizer salesman was convicted Nov. 12 of two counts of murder for killing his pregnant wife, Laci, and her fetus.

MSNBC - Scott Peterson's mother takes
the stand

Amman, Jordan, Sep. 18 (UPI) -- Iraq's flagship air carrier, Iraqi Airlines, took off Saturday on its first flight in 14 years with its one plane flying between Amman and Baghdad.

The flight departed early Saturday from Amman's international airport and was to return Saturday afternoon, after a stop in Damascus, airline sources said.

Iraqi Airlines had been grounded since 1990 when the United Nations imposed international sanctions on Baghdad for its invasion of Kuwait that year.

The company subsequently transferred its fleet to several countries, including Jordan, Tunisia, Iran and Mauritania. The plane flying Saturday was the airline's only plane, a Boeing 737.

The airline said it will operate daily roundtrips between Baghdad and Amman as a first step towards resuming regular operations.

The ticket price for a roundtrip on the company's sole flight is $400. Posted by Hello

Van Gogh Murder Suspects Cleared

lgf: Van Gogh Murder Suspects Cleared

Those 6 Muslim men arrested in the Netherlands on the day of Theo Van Gogh’s murder have been cleared of the killing, but are still charged with belonging to a terrorist group. (Hat tip: zulubaby.)

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Six men arrested following the slaying of filmmaker Theo van Gogh are no longer suspects in the killing, but still face charges for belonging to a terrorist group, authorities said Tuesday.

The prime suspect in the Nov. 2 killing, 26-year-old Mohammed Bouyeri, remains in custody, officials said. But national prosecution spokesman Wim de Bruin said Amsterdam prosecutors have found no evidence linking six others to Van Gogh’s killing.

However, the men still face charges of belonging to a group of fundamentalists identified by Dutch intelligence as the “Hofstad” network, which is alleged to have links to the March 11 train bombings in Madrid that killed 191 people and the 2003 suicide bombings in Casablanca that killed 33.

Van Gogh, whose film “Submission” sharply criticized Islam’s treatment of women, was slain while bicycling in Amsterdam. His killer also left a note threatening Dutch politicians and others in the name of radical Islam.

Bouyeri was arrested minutes later following a shootout with police. The other suspects, some of whom had shared Bouyeri’s apartment and attended meetings there with an alleged fundamentalist spiritual leader, were arrested in a sweep the same day.

Their names have not been released. Their spiritual leader, identified as Syrian Redouan al-Issar, remains at large.

posted by Charles at 8:13 AM PST

Plus some great photos here

Ex-Miss India Nafisa Joseph kills herself

A few months late finding out about this but if you are as blown away as I am then it's cool right? What a waste.

Former Miss India and VJ Nafisa Joseph committed suicide last night, apparently in depression over her marriage to a Bandra businessman that was to take place next month.

Nafisa was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her rented flat at Versova, at about 9 pm.

According to preliminary information available with Versova police, Nafisa was to be married to Gautam Kanduja (28) on August 28.

Gautam who is already married, first met Nafisa at a nightclub a year ago.

Police have been told that the two had an altercation over his divorce papers and that this had upset her.

Gautam, who lives at Pali Hill, in suburban Bandra, deals in automobile parts.

More:Ex-Miss India Nafisa Joseph kills herself

I initially found out about her here: sepiamutiny blog

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Who poisoned Yushchenko?

Bizzare story here, I have been following this and never thought for a second he would have been 'date-drugged'. Did someone slip him the proverbial Ugly Pill I wonder?

MEDICAL experts have confirmed that Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine’s opposition leader, was poisoned in an attempt on his life during election campaigning, the doctor who supervised his treatment at an Austrian clinic said yesterday.

Doctors at Vienna’s exclusive Rudolfinerhaus clinic are within days of identifying the substance that left Mr Yushchenko’s face disfigured with cysts and lesions, Nikolai Korpan told The Times in a telephone interview.

Specialists in Britain, the United States and France had helped to establish that it was a biological agent, a chemical agent or, most likely, a rare poison that struck him down in the run-up to the presidential election, he said. Doctors needed to examine Mr Yushchenko again at the clinic in Vienna to confirm their diagnosis but were in no doubt that the substance was administered deliberately, he said.

“This is no longer a question for discussion,” Dr Korpan said. “We are now sure that we can confirm which substance caused this illness. He received this substance from other people who had a specific aim.”

Asked if the aim had been to kill him, Dr Korpan said: “Yes, of course.”

Proof that Mr Yushchenko was deliberately poisoned would be a devastating blow for his rival, the Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovych, as the two candidates prepare for a repeat of a presidential run-off on December 26.

It would raise questions about whether the poisoning was ordered by Mr Yanukovych, his allies, or even the Kremlin, which fears that Mr Yushchenko will take Ukraine out of its sphere of influence by joining Nato and the EU.

Mr Yushchenko had said recently that he would soon reveal proof that his opponents had tried to assassinate him, but a spokeswoman said he had no plans to travel to Vienna.

Mr Yushchenko fell ill on September 6 and was rushed to Rudolfinerhaus four days later with severe abdominal pain and lesions on his face and trunk. His liver, pancreas and intestines were swollen and his digestive tract covered in ulcers, but doctors could not explain the symptoms. Against their advice he went back on the campaign trail after a week, but returned to the clinic two weeks later with back pain.

more here

Japan: Switching from Defense to Offense

Japan: Switching from Defense to Offense?
December 06, 2004 1641 GMT


Japanese Defense Minister Yoshinori Ono has announced a draft of the country's defense plan for 2005 to 2009. The plan, which is expected to be approved by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's Cabinet on Dec. 7, includes provisions for the development of ballistic missiles with enough range to reach Japan's most remote islands. These missiles, if deployed, also will be capable of striking targets on the Asian mainland, such as North Korea, Shanghai and Beijing. The plan also identifies North Korea and China as potential enemies and stresses the need to project power regionally. Although this has been in the works for some years, this official change from Japan's previous pacifist defense policy will cause great concern in the region and escalate the missile race in Asia.


Japan's revision of its defense policy for 2005 to 2009 -- announced by Japanese Defense Minister Yoshinori Ono -- includes research on a ballistic missile intended to counter an invasion of its remote islands. Such a missile also would have the capability to hit targets on the Asian mainland, such as North Korea, Shanghai and Beijing, and would dramatically escalate the missile race in East Asia. The move toward a pre-emptive or offensive capability has been considered in earnest since the August 1998 launch of North Korea's Taepodong missiles, which flew over Japanese territory.

The significance of Japan's policy change is the pace with which new technologies and capabilities geared toward an offensive capability are being considered in defense planning. The Japanese Constitution prohibits Japan from using its armed forces for anything other than defense. Japanese intentions to develop ballistic missiles, along with other provisions in the National Defense Program Outline that would enable Japan to project power regionally, signal Japan's turning away from its defensive policy while holding on to the "Peace Constitution" as a cover.

Since the end of World War II, Japan's defense policy was based solely on a defensive posture, with no ability to attack or conduct pre-emptive strikes in the region. With memories of World War II-era Japanese brutality in mind, many countries in East Asia often have expressed concern over the prospect of Japan becoming more militarily active in the region.

The remote islands Ono said would be protected under the proposed defense plan are most likely the southern Ryukyu Islands, which have been the scene of recent Japanese military deployments and Chinese submarine incursions. In an internal meeting Nov. 7, the Japanese Defense Agency identified China as a potential enemy and established three scenarios of possible attacks against Japan by Chinese forces. The Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) also has been shifting its force concentration from northern Japan, where old Cold War doctrine was concerned with threats from the Soviet Union. Japanese forces have been realigning toward southern Japan, Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands, closer to Japan: Switching from Defense to Offense? Posted by Hello

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Army SPC Charles Graner

Soon to be Private Sad Sack, and what the fuck does he have to smile about?

Army SPC Charles Graner talks to press outside courthouse after hearing
U.S. Army SPC Charles Graner talks to the press outside the courthouse after a pre-trial hearing at Fort Hood, Texas December 6, 2004 on charges in connection with prisoner abuse at the Iraq Abu Ghraib prison. The scandal erupted last April when photographs depicting U.S. soldiers taunting and humiliating naked prisoners became public.
© JEFF MITCHELL/Reuters/Corbis Posted by Hello

Lynndie England; Ugly & Fugly

Corbis--stock photography and pictures: "Lynndie England leaves courtroom during Iraq Abuse hearing
Pfc Lynndie England (R) accompanied by paralegal Lori Hernandez, leaves a Fort Bragg courtroom during a break in her pre-trial hearing on charges of abusing inmates at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison, December 1, 2004. England faces 19 charges that could yield 38 years in prison if she is found guilty. The court heard a motion to suppress three early statements by England on the grounds that those statements were not given voluntarily.


::...The Pirates of The Third Eye...::

On April 24, 2003, A Sophia Stewart resident of Salt Lake City, Utah filed a Federal lawsuit in the District Court Of California, against defendants Andy and Larry Wachowski, also among the accused are Hollywood's Joel Silver, and Warner Brothers. These defendants are being sued for the recreation, redevelopment, promotion, reproduction, proliferation, distribution, and disbursement throughout the United States of America and abroad to third world countries, for the movie the "Matrix".

Allegedly the defendants cut, removed and, or destroyed from the original production of the movie motion picture, more than thirty (30) minutes of the movie, and the introduction. In an attempt to avoid both civil and criminal penalties for Copyright Infringement from Stewart's 45 page Epic Science Fiction Manuscript entitled The Third Eye which copyrights date back as far as 1981, as noticed and acknowledged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the summer of 1986 Stewart answered an ad in a national magazine in which the Wachowski’s were looking for a science fiction manuscript to make in a comic book. Stewart six-page treatment shows exactly how the movie should look on the screen and how the scenes should go. The brothers used as much of the material as they could, before the story department at Warner’s allegedly changed features while preserving the heart of the Epic, in order to protect themselves of being held libel. Credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers have come forward claiming that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge that the work in question did not belong to the Wachowski brothers. The witnesses also add that the original work of Stewart had been seen, and often used during preparation of the motion picture.

:: Sophia Stewart : The Mother of the Matrix ::...

:: Sophia Stewart : The Mother of the Matrix ::...: "THE SEARCH FOR THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF THE MATRIX
After buildin' with Sophia Wednesday evening [November 17th], she informed me the case is building momentum! She told me she is close to victory and realized she could really put a 'nail in the coffin' if she had her handz on one key piece of evidence... the original version of The Matrix that aired March 31, 1999."
If you've heard the 3-part inner-view I did with her January of 2004, you will remember her sayin' Warner Bros., Joel Silver and the Wachowski's are also guilty of deceiving the public with their various versionz of The Matrix.

When Sophia saw the movie back in '99, she witnessed blatant theft and plagiarizm from her script, 'The Third Eye' written and copywritten back in 1983. Soon after, she contacted the Pirates informing them she was aware of the theft and a demand for credit and compensation for what soon became the most successfull movie franchise to date. Not too long after, Warner Bros. allegedly began released versionz of The Matrix edited from the 2 hour and 40 minute original.

Sophia's aggressively on the hunt for that original copy. She, as well as I, am positive that version is out there somewhere. Some Matrix fan got a bootleg copy from a street vendor somewhere!

She informed me there are various scenes that are different from the later released version(s) which will enable you to know you have the original release:

* In the beginning of the movie, there's an intro that scrolls up the screen just like in the movie Star Wars that layz out the plot. It speaks of a nuclear war that happened in the year 2110AD, where humanz were now used as fuel for the machines like batteries
* In the part where Neo barters for a stack of programz for programz of his. No money was exchanged like in the edited release(s)
* The girl in the beginning who came over Neo's had a rabbit on her arm. In the edited version(s), she's seen with the rabbit on her back shoulderblade

If you have a version of The Matrix with these 3 scenes, contact Sophia via email or phone (801.220.0588) as soon as possible! She would love to talk to you!

Even if you do not have the critical evidence, you're making your people's aware of her case is vital! YTs 'massa'-media's doin' all they can to suppress this case from the general public, but there's nothin' more effective than the 'word', which is 'vybration'!

Kofi Annan unveils Fool for Oil program

Kofi Annan, jokes, humor, satire, news, United Nations
Mr Annan said the show would take responsibility for people suffering from sadness in countries dealing with terrorism.

"It will be a series in which I meet with world leaders in my living room and play the part of a slightly deranged host," Mr Annan said. "They will come to show expecting it to be a legitimate meeting where we will discuss the impact of OPEC prices."

Mr Annan said he did not want to give too much away but said one occasion would include meeting former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while he was completely nude.

"Sir Elton John has also been so kind in lending me some of his 70s outfits which I will wear while playing the piano while people attempt to speak to me," Mr Annan said.

The series will be shown on FOX and is expected to screen during the Christmas break.


: "The decision by lefty activist fans of lefty activist bloggers to cheat in order to win in The Wizbang awards has been extensively commented upon both at Wizbang and throughout the blogosphere. That there is no great consequence from their cheating does not mean that the cheating is without significance. In fact, I think it is a great piece of evidence to put forward in the case of why center-right activists fear 'recounts' like those underway in Washington State and those conducted by Gore-Lieberman forces in Florida in 2000. Simply put, people with moral codes do not cheat as often as those without such codes, and moral codes are more apt to be more deeply ingrained within people of religious belief than those with little or no religious belief. Which means --simply as an objective proposition-- that those who do not view cheating as 'wrong' or sinful are more likely to cheat than those who do. Cheating at cards is not altogether different from cheating on your taxes or cheating in an internet contest or cheating in a recount. Cheating is cheating."

read more....
FrontPage :: War Blog by FrontPage Magazine

Abbas Is Palestinian Election Front-Runner

Yahoo! News - World - Middle East: "Abbas Is Palestinian Election Front-Runner
AP - 28 minutes ago
Interim Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is emerging as the front-runner in presidential elections, with an 18-point lead over jailed uprising leader Marwan Barghouti, according to the first poll on how Palestinians will vote next month"

Monday, December 06, 2004

Riverbend's around the bend

Riverbend's around the bend Posted by Hello

"The situation in Falloojeh is worse than anyone can possibly describe. It has turned into one of those cities you see in your darkest nightmares- broken streets strewn with corpses, crumbling houses and fallen mosques... The worst part is that for the last couple of weeks we've been hearing about the use of chemical weapons inside Falloojeh by the Americans. Today we heard that the delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Health isn't being allowed into the city, for some reason.

I don't know about the chemical weapons. It's not that I think the American military is above the use of chemical weapons, it's just that I keep wondering if they'd be crazy enough to do it. I keep having flashbacks of that video they showed on tv, the mosque and all the corpses. There was one brief video that showed the same mosque a day before, strewn with many of the same bodies- but some of them were alive. In that video, there's this old man leaning against the wall and there was blood running out of his eyes- almost like he was crying tears of blood. What 'conventional' weaponry makes the eyes bleed? They say that a morgue in Baghdad has received the corpses of citizens in Falloojeh who have died under seemingly mysterious conditions. "

Someone need to go around to her shack and explain the error of her propagandizing way's to her as 'politely' as possible. (or not so)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

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Boeing 737 converted to Bomber

Boeing 747 bomber Posted by Hello

SEATTLE -- Picture the Boeing 737 -- the small, stocky jetliner that's the workhorse of hundreds of airlines around the world. Now picture the 737 with missiles slung under its wings and a bomb bay in its belly.

Boeing is gearing up to modify its ubiquitous twin-jet, single-aisle airliner into a Navy patrol bomber called the Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft, or MMA. The plane will have a variety of sensors to pinpoint a submarine’s location: anti-submarine radar, an electro-optical-infrared camera and Magnetic Anomaly Detection, or MAD. Rotary magazines will drop sonar sonobuoys.
Five tactical consoles inside will integrate information from all those sensors and inform the aircraft commander, headquarters and friendly units in real time.

What's more, the plane could launch Harpoon missiles from two racks under each wing, or from a weapons bay aft of the wing, which could also carry torpedoes, mines or nuclear or conventional depth bombs. The MMA will have a receptacle to take on more fuel in flight so it can extend a patrol for up to 21 hours.

The planes would replace the Navy's fleet of 223 Lockheed P-3 Orion undersea warfare and reconnaissance planes and EP-3E electronic intelligence planes, like the one forced to land on the Chinese island of Hainan on April 1, 2001, after it collided with a Chinese interceptor.

P-3s have four turboprop engines, and getting the Navy to consider a twin-engine turbojet wasn't easy. Boeing took a 737 to air stations around the country and Europe to show Navy aviators a twin-jet could do the job -- even on one engine if it had to -- and helped Boeing secure the contract over rival Lockheed Martin, which proposed an updated turboprop plane for the mission.

"I love the P-3," said Tim Norgart, who commanded a wing of P-3s at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station before retiring from the Navy and joining Boeing’s MMA program. "It always brought me home. But I can't see my granddaughter walking out to the flight line to a propeller plane in 2050."

The world has changed since the P-3 was developed in the 1950s, but the submarine threat hasn't gone away, Norgart said. Currently, 42 nations operate diesel-electric submarines, and that technology could negate America’s cutting-edge weaponry. "Can you imagine us deploying the (nuclear-powered aircraft carrier) Carl Vinson to the Gulf with one of those submarines unaccounted for?" he asked.

It shouldn't be that hard to imagine a civil airliner converted to a weapons-packing warplane -- the P-3 itself was based on the Lockheed Electra airliner. A British plane with a similar mission, the Nimrod, is based on the de Havilland Comet jetliner.

Under a $3.9 billion Navy contract awarded last June, Boeing will build seven 737 MMAs for testing. The plane's design has begun its 3,000 hours of testing in wind tunnels. First flight will be in 2008 and delivery in 2009. It would enter service in 2013. Ultimately, the Navy will need 108 of the planes, a deal that would be worth $20 billion.

A production contract will be good news for the city of Renton, Washington, where 737s are built. Boeing's factory there, with space for four production lines, went to two lines because of the worldwide airline downturn. The discontinuation of the larger 757 in October reduced production floor space even further. The 737 MMA will be built on a separate, security-controlled assembly line in Renton. The completed planes will be flown to Seattle's Boeing Field for modification into bombers.


Friday, December 03, 2004

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