Saturday, July 31, 2004

Tyson Stopped in Shocking Fourth-Round KO

Tyson Stopped in Shocking Fourth-Round KO

By TIM DAHLBERG, AP Boxing Writer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Mike Tyson was knocked out in the fourth round Friday night in a shocking end to the latest comeback of the fighter who once was the most feared heavyweight of his era. Unheralded British heavyweight Danny Williams landed a flurry of punches that sent Tyson sprawling into the ropes, perhaps ending his career with the same kind of fury that Tyson once unleashed on other fighters.
The fighter once called the baddest man on the planet went down from a final right hand, then laid helplessly along the ropes, blood streaming down his face. He tried to get up to beat the count, then fell down again and the fight was waved to a stunning close at 2:51 of the fourth round.

The fight was a free-for-all from the opening bell, with Tyson landing some huge left hooks early, only to take punishment himself when Williams got over his initial stage fright and began brawling himself.

Tyson won the first three rounds, but Williams was landing well to the head and when he began throwing punch after punch with Tyson near a neutral corner, Tyson couldn't answer back.

Fighting in Muhammad Ali's hometown before a big crowd that cheered his every move, Tyson tried with every punch to score the kind of spectacular knockout that would make him a heavyweight contender once again at the age of 38.

But Williams wouldn't go down and then came back with shocking suddeness to win.

It was Tyson's first fight in 17 months, and only his second since taking a beating from former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis two years ago.

He was desperately trying to resurrect a career that made him more than $300 million, but the loss to a 9-1 underdog perhaps signals the end of an era in the heavyweight division

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Summer camp in Gaza: Kids learn to kidnap, kill

GAZA CITY — The ruling Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat has operated a summer camp that trains youngsters as young as 10 to abduct and kill Israelis.

The training has been taking place in a summer camp for thousands of Palestinian youngsters in the Gaza Strip. The training included the use of semi-automatic rifles, hurling grenades as well as attacking and abducting Israeli motorists.

Palestinian sources said the training of youngsters has taken place annually in the Gaza Strip. Several Palestinian correspondents have been invited to witness and film the exercises.

The exercises included the firing of AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles by youngsters. The youngsters were also pressed to conduct infantry-type exercises, such as completing an obstacle course complete with barbed wire and hoops of fire.

In one case, Palestinian youngsters were forced into the hoops of fire by instructors who fired over their heads. In another exercise, the youngsters were trained to ambush and kill an Israeli motorist, played by a Palestinian who wore a Jewish skullcap.

Youngsters were also indoctrinated in the need to fight and kill Israelis. The camp was operated by the Fatah-sponsored Popular Resistance Committee and those completing the training would receive a certificate from the camp commander.

[In Ramallah, Palestinian Legislative Council members said PA Chairman Yasser Arafat has agreed to provide limited security authority to Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei. The PLC members said Arafat has proposed that Qurei be granted responsibility over the the PA police and at least one security agency.]

Two Pepper Sprayed Over Phone Call At Fla. Movie - News - Two Pepper Sprayed Over Phone Call At Fla. Movie:

T. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- A college student who took a cell phone call from her mother in a movie theater was pepper sprayed by an officer and charged with disorderly conduct, along with her boyfriend.
Warronnica Harris, 23, was at the Muvico theater at BayWalk Saturday night, watching the opening credits to Catwoman when her cell phone rang.

"It was my mom calling me," Harris said. "It was a family emergency."

Harris said she spoke so quietly that her mother couldn't hear her. Then Officer John Douglas shone a flashlight in her eyes.

He asked Harris and her boyfriend, Terrell "KC" Tolson, 25, to leave. He pushed Harris in the hallway, then pepper sprayed both of them in the lobby, the couple said. Neither Harris nor Tolson has a criminal record.

Police denied their account, saying Harris refused to end her cell phone conversation, yelled at the Douglas and refused to leave the theater. Her boyfriend also refused to leave and threatened the officer, police said.

Witnesses said the pair did nothing wrong.

Marcia Gray, a 49-year-old Tampa accountant, was in the lobby when the couple were pepper sprayed.

"The man turned and asked the officer why he was making them leave and the cop just maced him in the face," Gray said. "They weren't yelling or touching him. The man bent over and the girl asked why he maced her boyfriend. Then the cop maced her, and she dropped her

MP saysEurope should not renege on its commitments to Iran

Tehran, July 28, IRNA -- Member of the Iranian Parliament Kazem
Jalali said here Wednesday that Europeans should fulfill their
commitments towards Iran.
Talking to IRNA, he touched upon the resumption of the Iran-Europe
talks on the Iran nuclear issue and said the talks should be conducted
in a fair atmosphere far from the pressures of big powers and in a
logical manner.
He believes that the only way Europe can resolve the issue with
Iran is through dialogue and discussion on the conditions stated
Stressing that Iran welcomes the negotiations, Kazemi, who is
the rapporteur of the Majlis Commission for National Security and
Foreign Policy, underscored the fact that the Islamic Republic of
Iran would never abandon its legitimate right to gain access to
nuclear technology.
Pointing to Iran`s strong scientific standing which has enabled
it to achieve relative success in its nuclear energy programs, he
gave the assurance that its insistence on acquiring nuclear
technology was in no way linked to a program to produce a nuclear
He added that Iran has no desire to use nuclear energy for
non-peaceful purposes.
The MP, who represents Shahroud constituency in the parliament,
further said that Iran has established its case in the Board of
Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency so vividly and
in all transparency that the US would no longer be able to
manipulate the agency to incite world opinion against Iran.
He said that the two American senators who proposed greater
funding for the Iranian opposition abroad are totally ignorant of the
strengths of this country.
Kazemi said Iran is determined to continue talking with the three
European countries to resolve the issue and regardless of the
conclusions of the Americans.
MP saysEurope should not renege on its commitments to Iran