Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Psyche of the Oppressed

The ongoing attacks launched against the western world and their interests abroad have raised various concerns about the causes of such attacks and the stimulus behind them. Acts of this nature
have recently increased in response to the war launched by the US and its allies and are yet to continue. The question one must ask is what would motivate someone to carry out acts like 9/11 or 3/11 causing death and destruction to so many? What would motivate
people to mutilate bodies of US troops and parade them in the streets as they did in Fallujah? What would motivate someone to strap themselves to a bomb and to detonate it in the midst of the enemy knowing they would sacrifice their life along with it?

When someone commits a gruesome crime like mutilation, torture, murder, acts of paedophilia or child abuse people tend to question the cause behind such acts, asking what led a person to commit these acts in the first place? Analysis is done on the background of this person, the childhood and upbringing to unravel any possible reason to explain the cause of committing such a vile crime. Psychologists begin to analyse the mentality of such a person bringing all possible factors into consideration in order to try and understand the reasoning of this person, at the end of which they tend to find that due to certain experiences of abuse during their childhood it resulted in them behaving in this manner later on in life.

All of this investigative analysis is done to try and understand why a person would commit a crime of this nature so that prevention’s can be put into place, yet when people commit acts of terrorism there is no such research done, rather people tend to brush it aside believing the propaganda that all Muslims are extremists who have some sort of inherent nature for killing others. This has the effect of diverting the masses from the true causes of these acts and the reasons as to why they are carried out.

Let us then examine the mentality of the average Muslim from a country like Iraq, Afghanistan or Palestine, all of which have faced oppression and bloodshed for many years. Living in any of these countries one would have to face death and destruction on a daily basis, with the very real threat to ones own life. The continual indiscriminate bombing of your country, the destruction of your houses and mosques reducing your locality to rubble, the killing of your family and friends, the raping of your women are all occurrences that such people have forcibly witnessed. In Palestine the Muslims are humiliated on a daily basis having to undergo security checks being made to feel like strangers in their homeland which makes the simplest of tasks into a complex and lengthy burden. In Iraq the Muslims have to undergo a similar treatment with security checks by the occupying forces. These people have had their life ruined as a result of the aggressing forces, they have to live in insecurity living in fear with the continual threat of more possible attacks. These Muslims have seen their community wiped out, their people being tortured and abused, they have lost all their belongings and possessions as a result of the bombing and looting. Their honour has been humiliated, their beliefs have been ridiculed and their intelligence has been insulted. Ask yourself, what possible mentality would such a person carry?

These very people after having experienced all this have come to know that their enemy has no remorse and no care for their people, their enemy only cares for himself and his own interests. The enemy is intent upon stealing their wealth whilst claiming to come to the aid of their people with his blood-soaked hands tucked away behind his back. The Muslims see only one enemy that being the crusader alliance led by the US, it is against them that all anger and hatred is directed and it is them who are seen to be the cause of the problem.

These people have no real weapons to fight with except their will and determination that are driven by their Imaan (belief in Islam) for such a person sacrificing his life in order to inflict harm upon the enemy is the least he can do, in some cases it is the only thing he can do. Such a person will regard acts like 911 and the Madrid bombings as nothing in comparison to what he and his people have suffered. His mentality will be one of carrying the utmost hatred for the enemy (USA) and his actions will correspond to that accordingly. In fact a whole generation of people will be produced carrying this mentality that will only lead to the further demise of the western regimes and their plots in the region

Is it surprising then to hear that these very people carry out acts of terror against the western regimes as one of their only means of defence? Is it surprising to know that the Muslims carry hatred for the western regimes and their people who support and allow their governments to continue this oppression? Is it surprising that these people want the western regimes to leave their lands and take with them their ‘liberation’ and ‘freedom’?

For the child who grows up in such an environment having been exposed to such acts, what type of mentality will this child grow up with? For surely this child will come to know that it was the US who was responsible for killing my family, for destroying my community, for raping my sisters, for stealing my wealth and causing me all this harm and pain. A child who grows up in this environment will have a clear and concise picture of who is to blame for his situation and who the real enemy is. Such a child will grow up to become a mujahid who desires nothing but to exact revenge upon the enemy for what they have done, his mission in life will be nothing but to inflict the maximum harm upon his enemy in order for them to experience some of the suffering and anguish that he was forced to endure. He will do whatever he can to overcome the oppression of these regimes and to be liberated from their sadistic killing and political hegemony they have upon his land.

This mentality however is not just restricted to those that reside within these countries rather it applies to the whole of the Muslim world as we are bonded together by our belief for which we are united into one brotherhood. The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said; the Muslim ummah is one nation, our land is one and our war in one, in another narration he said that the Muslim ummah is one body when one part of the body suffers the rest of the body feels the pain. Hence the hunger, fear, pain and anguish felt by the Muslims of these countries is directly felt by us in our hearts, their cries and screams are heard by us for which we must respond, their tears are the tears of our Mothers and fathers, their suffering is the suffering of our family, their killing and bloodshed is the killing and bloodshed of our community, their humiliation is our humiliation, their war is our war and their response is our response.

The world witnessed the recent images of the Muslim prisoners in Iraq and their barbaric and inhumane torture, yet nothing is done except people trying to pass the blame. In fact the lies about not knowing this type of treatment was occurring in Iraq is almost laughable, it is proven without doubt that the US and UK forces have been involved in this for the last year which the government had knowledge about and deliberately ignored because this is considered normal practice for them. They merely tried to keep a lid on it to prevent the truth from reaching the world. The western governments have no regard for the life and honour of the Muslims, they do not care about the suffering and humiliation that we suffered, all they care about is for them to maintain their position and to continue benefiting from it. What possible mentality would you expect a person to carry who suffered under these troops? What mentality would someone carry who was witness to this torture or heard of such acts being committed against them?

The treatment we received in Iraq is not something new for the Muslims, we have experienced this behaviour from these regimes many times before but bare one thing in mind….

…regardless of your crocodile tears and forced apologies we vow that we will never forget this act of barbarism against our people and we will never be able to erase the cries of our ummah from our memories. We vow that we will never rest until every drop of Muslim blood is avenged and every tear shed is requited. We have among our ummah people who will devote their lives to ensure that this becomes a reality, people who desire death in the way that you desire life, people who fear no one except Allah (swt) the Almighty. The soldiers of Allah (swt) on earth will aim to seek you out wherever you may be and they will bring you death and destruction in the way that you have done to us.

Oh Allah! Forgive us if we have been negligent in our duty towards you, forgive us if we have let down our ummah out of laziness or complacency, Oh Allah! Forgive us if we have not responded to the cries of our brother and sisters, forgive us for allowing the ummah to be degraded to such a level.

Oh Allah! Let there be from this ummah those who stand up and defend the honour of the Muslims, let there be people who work to restore the dignity of our people, let there be people who make your word the highest. Oh Allah! Strengthen the Muslim ummah, honour and dignify the Muslim ummah,

Oh Allah! Destroy the enemy of Islam and Muslims, destroy the kafireen and their authority over us, degrade and humiliate the kuffar as they have done to us.

Oh Allah! Make me among those who fight and strive in order to attain your mercy in the hereafter.

Abu Anas

After the attacks of 911 and the ongoing attacks against western interests by Muslims the people questioned why such acts were committed and what possible cause could lead these people to carry out such attacks: "The Psyche of the Oppressed"