Saturday, May 22, 2004

Acid leakage results in apprehension of would-be bomber

Maariv International

Police recently nabbed Palestinian at central Israeli city after phosphorus material leaked from his bomb-belt causing him severe burns.
Police officers recently foiled a suicide bombing attack in Israel, it was revealed on Monday. However, a highly unusual chain of events led to his apprehension.

It appears a leak in his bomb-belt caused phosphorus material to reach his skin causing such a severe burn that a hole was literally seen in the stomach of the would-be bomber.

Police forces who were recently on high terror alert in one of the cities of central Israel noticed a Palestinian running “like crazy”. They began a chase and soon detained him. At first they suspected that he ran because of the panic that suddenly gripped him when he noticed the large security deployment. However, it was then revealed that the reason for his detention was a severe burn in his stomach.

The terrorist was rushed to a nearby hospital and for days suffered pain from the material that consumed his skin.

Palestinian terror groups have tried in the past to add chemical substances to bombs. At the site of the triple bombing in Jerusalem some two years ago, remnants of a chemical material were discovered.

However, police stress it is a rare occurrence. Since the start of the Intifada, the terrorists rarely came to use such means.